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Grow Your Profit Share & Wealth Building Workshop with Jason Cheese

At Keller Williams Realty, we believe our associates should be treated like stakeholders, because we truly believe that together everyone achieves more. Out of this culture, the profit share system was developed. You can opt in to this phenomenal, unlimited opportunity – and in the process opt in to a program that could change your life!

Learn how through our powerful profit share education. This education has two complementary pieces with one powerful outcome: growing your profit share tree!

The first piece of this course is the Grow Your Profit Share Tree class. This class is a learning “event" that teaches the fundamentals of profit share and produces results. Attend this course to understand and start experiencing one of the greatest passive business opportunities available to you: profit share.

The second piece of this course is the Wealth-Building Workshop: Profit Share. This workshop can be thought of as an achievement “journey." Each workshop is a dynamic and flexible experience. In each session, you’ll experience a fresh knowledge piece and a new skills-based exercise. Then you’ll strategize your next steps and engage in group accountability. It’s a journey to mastery – which, in this case, means a journey to wealth.


  • Investigate the meaning and opportunity of passive income.
  • Understand how profit share is calculated and distributed.
  • Learn how to build relationships and inspire interest in Keller Williams Realty.
  • Learn how to refer potential associates to your team leader.
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