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“IGNITE -PS 11 & PS 12 -Close the Deal & Graduation” with Rob Rudell

Session 11

This session stresses the importance of professionalism during the closing process, which requires impeccable organization and communication skills.

Participants will receive checklists and other helpful tools.

Study the basic steps in the contract-to-close process.

  • Identify your contract-to-close responsibilities when representing buyers and sellers.
  • Explore common issues that can occur in the contract-to-close process and workable solutions.
  • Generate new business from each transaction, via repeat and referral clients.
  • Prepare clients for the close.
  • Achieve a successful close
  • Make a lasting and winning impression with your clients and other agents

Session 12

This session stresses the value of knowing and improving your conversion rates. You'll also discuss what comes after Ignite. As Ignite comes to an end, this is the time to celebrate wins! You will be asked to share what you learned in Ignite and what you will commit to beyond Ignite.

  • Check in on what you’ve accomplished.
  • Evaluate wins and opportunities and make adjustments.
  • Develop a habit of tracking your numbers and taking action to continually improve your conversion rates.
  • Commit to a plan for maintaining the powerful habits you’ve developed in Ignite to reach—and exceed—your business goals.
  • Prepare for your business future