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“Session 2-Double Your Income 2.0 Mastermind Series” with Glenn McQueenie

Glenn will be using the same techniques that he gave to the 23 people he coached in our pilot-project (DYI 1.0), and the results were amazing! 

The energy is really great in a session like this. The plan is to go really deep with lots of one on ones, putting together a real blueprint for you to follow for the next 12 months. Glenn will be working with you based on your Unique Ability (as a result, creating a tailor-made plan for you). 

We will go back to the proven models (the basics) and how that translates into going really deep in your Niche market, to receive the "Riches in the Niches". The simple truth is that the top agents in every market of North America primarily focus on one Niche market! 

Our minimum expectation for this course is that everyone increases their income by $100,000 to $300,000 in the next 12 months.

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