It's time to think outside the box about lead generation!

Sometimes, we tend to over-complicate the lead generation portion of our business. Sure, technology and social media that have allowed us to be more creative but at the heart of it all, the simple fact is that wherever people are, there’s an opportunity to find a prospective customer.  

Successful real estate agents know this and are always on the look-out for a good lead – even if it’s not the most obvious place.  

In KW MAPS Coaching’s BOLD, students are challenged to make 100 contacts in a week. Does making 100 contacts in seven days seem like a daunting task to undertake? It might if you aren’t armed with lead generation ideas. Sometimes we need to think outside the box to shake up our ideas of what 'lead generation' can look like. 

Some of these lead generation methods may already be on your radar. Some you might never have thought of. Others may sound a little silly at first... but why not give them a second thought? 

Just consider the possibilities. Imagine what 100 contacts could do for your business. And give it a go! 

The best way to start is to choose three lead generation methods to focus on. Feel free to get creative! Set goals for each, create action plans and track your results.  

One great way to track and help accomplish your goals is to use the Career Growth Initiative, provided by Keller Williams.

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Maybe you just want to talk about the real estate market while meeting new people; or maybe you want to host an event and invite people; or with other service providers, maybe you want to host a client event together to offset costs AND double your database... whatever you do, don't forget you're lead generating and you want to get peoples' details and stay in touch.

Now, here is a list of some ways/ ideas to get leads. Strike up conversations. Don't be a secret agent!


Garage Sales
Car Dealers
Financial Advisors
Running Club
Gym/Personal Trainers
New Home Builder Reps
Building Co-owners
College Alumni Associations
City Holiday Celebrations
Mortgage Companies
Moving companies
Chamber of Commerce
Sports/Booster Clubs
Relocation Companies
Country Clubs
College Alumni Associations
First-time Homebuyer Seminars
Before-Market Preview Properties
Apartment Representatives
Places of Worship
Door Knocking
Veteran Associations
Hair Salon
Realtor Associations
Singles Organizations 


Remember, you don't have to be 'on' all the time, but there's also no need to hide your skills!

You just need to train people around you to understand that you are a knowledgeable real estate professional and you're available to answer any questions they might have. 


So... Which three will you choose? 

Aaron Kyte