Are you looking for your very own real estate personal assistant?

You may have heard about KELLE... and if not, let me fill you in.


KELLE is Keller Williams' very own artificial intelligence platform, designed to help our agents manage their businesses. Imagine if Siri, or Alexa, or Google Home were designed JUST for real estate... That's what we're talking about!

Think of KELLE as a personal assistant who never takes a day off!



KELLE is a new addition to the KW Family, and 'she' is growing like crazy... and the industry is taking note.

Check out this great article from about how KELLE is set to change the real estate game.  READ THE ARTICLE HERE.

And for more information about KELLE, or any of Keller Williams Lifestyles Realty's technologies or training options, give us a call today at 519-438-8000.