Are you THRIVING in real estate, or merely SURVIVING?

Are you noticing the change?

Aside from humidity, there's something in the air these days... the real estate landscape in Toronto is shifting. Some neighbourhood numbers are up, some are down; some housing types are moving fast, others are slow. The rules of the last few years don't apply right now, and agents who can't keep up can't last.

The business is changing and we are entering a high-skills market. Buyers and sellers need an agent who can negotiate this changing market and guide them through the hype and misinformation.

With that in mind, we've built a month of classes designed to prepare agents for this shift... and to help them build the skills and gather the knowledge they need!

As always, our training is open to agents from ALL brokerages... so come, check it out!


Our July Featured Classes

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    Aaron Kyte