We literally wrote the book...

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Based on interviews with hundreds of millionaire real estate agents, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA) is a roadmap to success that contains four models for running a successful real estate business:

  • the economic model
  • the lead generation model
  • the budget model and
  • the organizational model.

But the book is more than just hypotheticals or suggestions for how you COULD achieve success. It is full of exercises and instructions on how you CAN grow your business and become the agent you've always dreamed you could be.



And the other books, too...

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To learn more about any of our great titles, or to learn how to get your own copy, give us a call today at 519-438-8000!


At KW London,
we have the coaching, training, and support that you need to work smarter, not harder.


Daily training, and regular coaching give our agents skills and accountability to grow their businesses.

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And when you can no longer do it alone...

... then it's time to hire. And we have the most powerful tools available to ensure that your next hire is the exact person you need.

The KPA is an enhanced behavioral assessment that measures personality traits and cognitive thinking abilities.

“It’s not just about finding talent. It’s about finding the right talent,” said Chris Heller, CEO of Keller Williams.

The KPA is designed to help Keller Williams’ market center leadership and agents, like you, who are building teams. The KPA helps agents get into business with the right people. In addition to bringing incredible focus to the hiring process, the new tool also serves as a valuable resource to help manage, motivate and communicate with team members after they’ve joined your team.

Interested in learning more, or taking the KPA yourself?